Friday, February 25, 2011

A Cinderella moment

Once upon a time, on a sunny and crisp afternoon last October, I sat down for lunch at an outdoor cafe on Newbury Street in Boston. I was dining alone until this unexpected guest hopped over to my plate.

So super cute, even if a bit presumptuous. I was happy to share, since this really cracked me up (and I was finished eating). It felt a little like a scene out of a Disney movie. Now if I could only get some little animals to sew for me....

Eyeing another bite.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Website!

Wonder Threads has a new website. It's a simple diy type thing, which is VERY different from my first website, and exactly what I need. Yay! It's a good starting off point, or should I say re-starting off point. It will evolve over time, and become a little fancier eventually. For now, I'm happy.
With this new website comes a renewed interest in blogging. I've pretty much sucked at it over the past year, but I'm re-starting here as well. I've been wanting to play a little catch up,'s what 2010 looked like for me...

January 2010-- Grandma's 80th birthday.
We invited an Elvis impersonator, of course!

February 2010--Spent Presidents Day weekend in Ocean City, NJ.

March 2010--took a birthday trip! First to Amsterdam...

Then to Paris...

April 2010-- I took Flat Stanley to FAO Schwarz

Made some dishes from the Athlete's Palate cook book,
like this cassoulet (substituted quinoa for beans).

May 2010--A trip to Boston for the annual
Mayfair street fair in Harvard Square (very rhyme-y).

An amazing chalk drawing of one of my fave paintings.

Added some block print styles.

June 2010-- Made some very red velvet cupcakes...

using this recipe.

July 2010-- Used the fireworks setting on my camera.

Took a trip around Manhattan on the Circle Line (toot toot!).

Had a photo shoot with little cuties, Zoe and Charlotte.

I got some great shots before their patience ran out...

August 2010--
The Bronx Zoo!

September 2010-- An evening in Atlantic City

Absolutely fell in love with the Beales.

October 2010--

November 2010--
Ice Skates!

December 2010-- Mini Christmas Tree

Christmas Card

January 2010--
Made this little felt project found on the Purl Bee.

Whew! That's it, we're caught up. Stay tuned...